Rates and Reservations

Please contact us to find out about the current rates and to make your reservation. We give special discounts to big groups, NGO's, churches or schools.

Rules and Guidelines

Wildlife. Please do not damage or cause disturbance to wildlife.

Camping Areas. Please camp only in “open” camping forest. Please restrict fires. It is important to ensure that no stones or large pieces of wood are left on the camping area, as these become hidden and cause damage to equipment when the area is maintained. Most importantly please ensure all fires are completely out when you leave the site and any rubbish not burnt is taken away with you.

Central Woodpile. Please do not remove or use more than you need. Return unused wood to the woodpile at the end of your stay.

Toilet Block. Please, could all site users ensure that the toilet block is kept clean, tidy and all rubbish removed. Mops and buckets are provided; please use them when necessary to ensure conditions are as you would wish to find them. Remember before you leave the site please ensure the loos are left in a respectable condition so they are as you would expect to find them. The loo block must not be used for washing dishes in or any hot water taken out of the loos. The showers should be cleaned after use, ensuring soap etc is washed away and any rubbish removed.

Good Neighborliness. When entering or leaving the site, please, could all visitors keep noise to a minimum and drive slowly 5 mph maximum and carefully pass the adjoining house and the road leading to the village. Please remind your parents of this, who drop off their children, as we have received complaints of parents speeding out of the site.

Forest Area. Please ensure this area is supervised when in use, and the plants and other wildlife are treated with respect and nothing is pulled out of the ground or thrown into the water.

The following are not allowed on site without prior permission: Fireworks, Firearms, Archery.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Time Cancellation Charges
On the day of Arrival 50% of the total charge
24 hours before the day of arrival                                  25% of the total charge